In the Design section of the Dashboard, you’ll be able to change your community to a pre-built theme, add a logo to your community, and communities on our Basic or Plus plans can further customize the colors of their themes.

Changing Your Theme

New communities are automatically set up on our Cleveland theme. To change to one of our other themes, click the drop down under Theme to see a list of options. All of our themes are named and inspired by cities that were important to the founders of Threadbase.

Change your Threadbase community theme

Once you’ve selected the theme you’d like to try, make sure to click on Save to save your changes.

Theme options Cleveland San Francisco Davis Brooklyn

Once your changes are saved, you should see a preview of your live community on the right with your new theme.

Community styles instantly update

You can change the theme of your community as many times as you’d like so try them all to find the one that best suits you and your community.

Logos are used in the navigation bar of your communities and when your links are shared out to your communities. We highly recommend you add a logo to improve the visual style of your community.

To add a logo, drop an image into the box under Logo or click on the box to open up a window that will allow you to select the image of your choice.

Community styles instantly update

Once your image is selected, you’ll see a preview of it in the Logo box. Scroll up and click Save to save your changes.

Community styles instantly update

Once saved, you’ll see your logo on your community in the navigation bar.

Community styles instantly update

Each community displays logos differently, but we recommend the following image specs:

  • If you’re on a Free plan, the image should be on a transparent PNG.
  • If you’re on a Basic or Plus plan, the image can have a colored background, but you’ll need to change the colors of your theme to match your logo background color.
  • Image size should be square and no more than 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Changing Community Colors

Communities that are on our Basic or Plus subscription can hide change the colors of their community without writing any code.

If your community is not on Basic or Plus, these options will have a lock next to them.

Custom colors are for paid communities only

If your community is on Basic or Plus, you will not see a lock next to the color options, and when you click on the checkered square, a color palette will appear.

Change your community colors with our easy palette

You can either select a color of your choice from palette or if you know the hex value of your color, you can enter that in as well.

Community colors

Once your color is selected, be sure to scoll up and click Save to save your changes.

If you would like additional Design features or you would like to suggest a new theme for us to add, let us know at or post on the official Threadbase support community.