Making your community private

Threadbase makes it very easy to make your community private, which require users to register before being able to see any of the posts, comments, or user information on your community.

To enable a private community, simply upgrade to the Plus plan, and then click on the checkbox in Registration settings next to Enable private community

Enable private community

Once that box is checked and you click save, anyone who is not registered and logged in to your community will be greeting with the sign up module asking them to register before accessing your community.

Enable private community

Customizing New Member Registration

You can easily customize your new community member registration to ask for additional fields that might be valuable to your community.

The default and required new community member registration fields are Username, Email, and Password.

Customize your online community registration without writing code

You can up to three additional fields to your new community member registration: Name, Location, and Bio. Note: all of these fields are optional and your new members can choose not to fill these optional fields out.

To add these fields to your registration process, scroll down to the Registration section in Settings and check the fields you’d like to add.

Add name, location, or bio to your community registration

Once you’ve selected the fields you’d like to add, scroll up to the top of the Settings panel and click Save.

Add name and bio to Threadbase community registration

Once saved, your new community member registration will be updated with the new fields.

New community registration with name and location