Adding social media channels to your community is a good way to get more awareness about other ways your members can interact with you and the community.

Adding social media channels are entirely optional, and we currently support the following social media channels:

Channel Format Example
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Instagram Link
YouTube Link
Vimeo Link
Twitch Text Threadbasedotio

Each community displays your social media channels differently. Below are a few examples of how these links might show up on your theme.


Add social media channels to your Reddit-style community


Add social media channels to your Product Hunt-style community


Davis is unique because it will show an embed of your Twitch stream in your community. Learn more about this Twitch-optimized theme. Add social media channels to your Hacker News-style community

San Francisco

Add social media channels to your Indie Hackers-style community

To learn more about the unique traits of each community, click on the theme you’re interested in below:

If you would like us to add more social channels, let us know at or post on the official Threadbase support community.