User Management is very new for Threadbase, but we wanted to provide something quick that allows you to see how many users you have, who those users are, and an ability to delete users who are misbehaving.

To see information about your community members, click on the Users option from the Dashboard.

See your community user data

In the Users section, you’ll see a count of how many community members you have. Grow this number as big as possible!

You’ll also see a table with information about each of your community members. You’ll be able to see their usernames, their emails, when they joined, and–if they member filled out the information–you’ll also see their name, location, and/or bio.

See your community user data

One of the most important things we’ve included is the ability to delete users easily and quickly. With your mouse on the table, scroll to the right to see the Actions column. There, click on the trash can icon and click confirm to delete the user.

Delete users

If you would like additional User Management features, let us know at or post on the official Threadbase support community.