Your first community

(Note: if you’re looking to make another community, scroll down to “Making Multiple Communities”)

If you’ve just created your Threadbase account, you’ll see the below screen.

Create a Threadbase account to make your own Reddit, Product Hunt, or Hacker News clone

If you are looking to import your Discourse community to Threadbase, click here.

If you’re starting your community on Threadbase, enter a name for your community in the text box and click the “Get started” button that appears.

Note: The name you give your community will be used to determine your Threadbase link and all spaces will be converted to dashes. For example, if you name your community “My First Community”, your Threadbase community link will be You can always change your community name in the settings or set up a custom domain for your community.

Making multiple communities

Threadbase allows you to make as many communities as you want with just one account.

To make your second, third, or tenth community, you’ll need to be logged into your account. Once you’re logged in, click on the forum name at the top of your left hand navigation bar.

Create multiple Reddit-style communities with Threadbase

Once clicked, a pop-up appears, and you’ll be able to switch to another community or create another community. To create another community, click the button.

Create multiple Reddit-style communities with Threadbase

After you click the button, you’ll see the below screen which starts the community creation flow again.

Create your own Reddit, Product Hunt, or Hacker News clone

Once your community is created, you’ll be on your community Dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to customize your community without writing any code.