To import your Discourse community into Threadbase, click on “Import from an existing forum”.

Discourse alternative

Then enter your community link. At this time, Threadbase can only import Discourse communities.

Import your Discourse community to a Reddit-style community with Threadbase

If you enter a valid Discourse link, we’ll be able to detect that your community is hosted on Discourse, and we’ll be able to migrate the information as long as you provide your Discourse API key.

Make a Reddit community with your Discourse data

Once you’ve provided us with your API key and clicked the button to start the import, we’ll begin migrating your content from Discourse to your new Threadbase community, and once it’s completed, you’ll be able to start customizing your new community without writing any code.

If you would like us to develop tools to import a non-Discourse community into Threadbase, let us know at or post on the official Threadbase support community.